Partner Resources

Here at your fingertips you’ll find all the information you need to execute quality deals: our EZ-Q overview, , submission checklist, equipment restrictions, and more.

Deal Profiles

  • $30,000 up to $3,000,000
  • A- to C Credit Profiles
  • 12% – 19% Effective Rates (on average)
  • 12 – 72 Month Terms
  • EFAs, $101-Out Leases, & Refis
  • National Funding Area (except HI & RI)

Product Highlights

  • Vendor & Private-Party Sales
  • No Business Size Requirements
  • Start-Ups (with experience or reserves)
  • Pre- & Progress-Funding Structures
  • No Age Restrictions (mileage only)
  • Rebuilt Trucks (with papers) & Glider Kits
  • Report to PayNet: Build Business Credit
  • DocuSign Contracts & E-Notary
  • TPO Auto-Commission on Repeat Deals
  • Whole-Story Underwriting Approach
  • Unique-to-Industry Pricing Model
  • Top-Notch Customer Service

Equipment & Asset Classes We Fund

Below is a partial list of the equipment we can fund. If you have questions about a particular item or transaction, please contact your sales representative.

Vehicle Types
  • OTR semi tractors
  • Medium duty box trucks
  • Pick-up trucks (Commercial only)
  • Trailers (all types – incl. HAZMAT)
  • Automobiles (Commercial ONLY)
  • Service trucks
  • Transit, Sprinter, & Step vans
  • Dump trucks
  • Tow trucks/Wreckers
  • Delivery vans
  • Vacuum trucks
  • Garbage & Recycling trucks
  • Bucket trucks
  • FedEx vans/trucks/ trailers
  • Logging trucks
Equipment Types
  • Construction/Yellow iron
  • Automotive repair
  • Logging/Forestry
  • Manufacturing machinery
  • Wood & Metal Fabrication
  • Warehouse/Material handling
  • Medical/Dental/Optical equipment
  • Aesthetic/Spa
  • Sports/Recovery/Physical Therapy
  • Scientific testing/Lab
  • Laser/Imaging/Printing
  • Food service production (large scale)
  • Packaging
  • Drilling equipment
  • Oil & gas *with restrictions*
Custom TPO Vendor Programs

Are you working with a vendor selling a new product or an asset class not listed here?

Contact your Quality Sales Rep to learn how Quality can create a custom financing program for you!

Mileage Restrictions

Quality does not have age restrictions on vehicles or equipment. However, we do have end-of-term (EOT) mileage limits for vehicles and require reasonable asset pricing across comparable units on all equipment.

  • Reefer trailer cooler units, EOT limit: 25,000 hours
  • OTR Class 8 trucks, EOT limit: 1.1 million miles *Note* Exceptions made for rebuilt tractors
    with papers
  • Heavy Duty Class 7 & 8 work trucks, EOT limit: 750,000 miles
  • Medium Duty work trucks, EOT limit: 500,000 miles
  • Light Duty commercial trucks & vans, EOT limit:150,000 miles


Equipment pricing must fall within current market range based on year, make, model, and hours to qualify.

Restricted Asset Classes
  • Any asset NOT numerically identifiable with a VIN or S/N
  • HVAC, Plumbing, or assets attached to property
  • Emergency vehiclesBuses, Public transportation, & Livery vehicles
  • Anything that floats or flies: Boats, Planes, Helicopters, etc.
  • Amusement park/Family fun center equipment

EZ-Q App Only up to $150,000

EZ-Q Scoring Matrix Factors
  • Average FICO Score
  • Revolving Availability %
  • Time in Business (verified by SOS, Schedule C, or PayNet)
  • Down Payment / Equity
  • PayNet
  • Riskview Score1

EZ-Q Program Rules
  • Max Net Approval Amount of $150,0002
  • Min TIB = 2 Years / 3 Years for OTR Trucking
  • Min 1 Secured Tradeline*** of $25K+ / $40K+ for
  • OTR Trucking (Paid as Agreed for 12+ Months)
  • No BK Activity Within the Past 5 Years
  • No Excluded Equipment or Industries4
  • For EZ-Q+ Submissions Requiring Banks5: Minimum $10K Average Balances, No NSFs or Overdrafts, No History of MCA / Daily Payment Activity

EZ-Q Program Guidelines
  • Opportunities exceeding $150K in net funding2 require a Full Package submission
  • Opportunities must meet all EZ-Q Program Rules to be considered for EZ-Q approval
  • If an opportunity meets all EZ-Q Rules, the EZ-Q Factors will determine if additional documentation is needed

Submission Requirements

EZ-Q :
  • Credit Application
  • Equipment Invoice/Specs
  • Credit Application
  • Equipment Invoice/Specs
  • Banks

Example Deals

EZ-Q Example 1
Average FICO: 745
Revolving Availability: 80%
Time in Business: 4 Years
Down Payment / Equity: 10%
PayNet: No Score
Riskview Score: Average

EZ-Q Example 2
Average FICO: 725
Revolving Availability: 85%
Time in Business: 10 Years
Down Payment / Equity: 0%
PayNet: 680
Riskview Score: Average

EZ-Q Example 3
Average FICO: 705
Revolving Availability: 90%
Time in Business: 3 Years
Down Payment / Equity: 20%
PayNet: 650
Riskview Score: Average

EZ-Q+ Example 1
Average FICO: 700
Revolving Availability: 70%
Time in Business: 3 Years
Down Payment / Equity: 10%
PayNet: 655
Riskview Score: Average

EZ-Q+ Example 2
Average FICO: 660
Revolving Availability: 50%
Time in Business: 5 Years
Down Payment / Equity: 15%
PayNet: No Score
Riskview Score: Average

EZ-Q+ Example 3
Average FICO: 690
Revolving Availability: 75%
Time in Business: 3 Years
Down Payment / Equity: 10%
PayNet: No Score
Riskview Score: Average

1Riskview is an aggregate risk score model that weighs multiple factors including: background/criminal record, education,work history, credentials, time at address, homeownership, etc.
2Net approval includes current request amount less down payment/trade credit + any outstanding amounts on current Quality Leasing contracts
3Secured tradelines include auto loans, recreational equipment, property mortgages, etc.
4Excluded equipment & industries: Aesthetic/Spa, Computer/Communication/Office, Convenience Store, Fitness, Food Service/Restaurant, Logging, Oil & Gas, Printing, Security
5Submitted bank statements should contain ALL pages for 3 most recent months

Full Package Submissions Checklist

$30,000 - $150,000 Total Exposure*
  • Write-up/Proposal – Explain the deal details
  • Completed Credit Application & Authorization
  • CBR – if available**
  • Equipment Pricing/Invoice & Specs
  • 3 months most recent Business Bank Statements + Any additional reserve account statements***
  • 2 years most recent, full Federal Tax Returns or 1 year most recent Federal Tax Return + Most recent year P&L and Balance Sheet
$150,000 - $250,000 Total Exposure

All of the above plus the following:

  • 2 years most recent, full Federal Tax Returns or 1 year most recent Federal Tax Return + Most recent year P&L and Balance Sheet
  • Year-to-Date P&L and Balance Sheet
  • PG’s most recent Personal Federal Tax Return
$250,000 - $3,000,000 Total Exposure

All of the above plus the following:

  • PG’s Personal Financial Statement
  • Last 2 years Business Financial Statements
  • Debt Schedule/List of current Leases & Loans
  • Client List broken down by % of client business
  • Any additional information you believe will help
    with our understanding of the customer, equipment,
    or transaction

* Total Exposure equals the current request amount + any outstanding amounts on current Quality contracts.
** If you pull credit, please provide, however we will soft pull two CBRs in-house for underwriting, Quality will only hard-pull CBRs before funding.
*** All submitted bank statements, tax returns, and financial statements should contain ALL PAGES.